About Us

Our association has been founded, on the basis of human rights and freedoms, for the purpose of displaying solidarity with segments of society who need support in order to live a good life on earth, particularly with the poor, women and children oppressed and exposed to violence, communities facing discrimination, with people who are forced to live their life as asylum seeker/refugees; displaced or forced to leave their homes;

Within the framework of this solidarity, taking care of vital and cultural needs of these segments of society, especially food, sheltering, health and education;

Engaging in activities in order to provide these segments of society access their rights and opportunities granted to them by international agreements, constitution and laws, and work together with related persons and agencies on national and international level within the framework of these activities;

Conducting documentation works and researches that would pave the way for generation of ideas and scientific studies about social problems faced by these segments of society.

Our hope, as Earth is Home International Solidarity Association, is towards the establishment of a more humane environment and future on the world scale.

Our association which has been founded in order to offer humble contributions to this big hope will conduct all of its activities, from individual contributions to social propositions, by attaching the same level of importance without any motive of profit.