Altindag Represenatative

As, Earth’s Home Iınternational Solidarity Association, we have been trying to address the issue of refugee, which has been one of the most burning agendas of our country in the last decade, with the goal of “living together in peace” since our establishment.

Despite the positive contribution of the civil society activities in our country to the refugee field in terms of rights advocacy in the last ten years, we have to say that some groups among refugees have less “priority” in accessing to rights and services.

In this context, considering Altındağ, which is known to host more than 10,000 Afghan refugees -according to unofficial data-, we think that taking into account the needs of this community, of which the big majority is unregistrered, may, to some extent, eliminate the “imbalance” in accessing to services of refugee groups.

From this point of view, as of October 2019, our project titled “Supporting Afghan Refugees’ Access to Fundamental Rights in Ankara”, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Ankara Field Office, has continued in our Altındağ Representative. including social and legal counseling and the operation social acceptance towards all refugee communities especially Afghans.


Haci Bayram Mahallesi, Uzunyol Caddesi, No:68, Altindag / Ankara